Treasurer's Office Responsibilities

Treasury Management:

Receives and disburses funds from all sources; distributes shared revenue to local subdivisions. Manages and reconciles all bank accounts for the state, collects and transfers deferred compensation funds to the fund manager. Tracks the flow of cash revenues and expenditures, funding accounts as needed and reports balances to the investment division to take advantage of all current and anticipated deposits.


Responsible for administrative support to the State Treasurer and the office including budget, planning and accounting, human resources management, payroll, procurement, IT support, legislative and constituent services, and internal audit.

Debt Management:

Responsible for the issuance and maintenance of all state debt; maintains the state’s lease purchase fund; provides advice and counsel on other debt related issues.

College Savings:

Manages the state’s tuition prepayment and other 529 college savings plan.

Information Technology:

Responsible for the selection, development, implementation, support and security of the agency's systems, applications, data, networks and hardware.

Investment Management:

Invests and manages state funds and fixed income portion of the state’s retirement portfolios. Responsible for all accounting and reporting on these funds. Responsible for investment of the state’s local government investment pool, receiving and transferring funds to local governments as needed.

Unclaimed Property:

Maintains all files, processes all claims and receives all monies due to the state’s unclaimed property program.

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