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State Treasurer Curtis Loftis believes people have a right to know what their elected leaders are doing on the job. His belief in transparency and accountability has created this page, which is a one stop shop to see what the Treasurer is doing on public time. From detailed expense reports and an online calendar, it's all here for you to see.

Due to security reasons, the Treasurer's Calendar will no longer be posted ahead of time online. Treasurer Loftis is still dedicated to transparancy, so you can see his archived calendars, and his travel expenses below.

Click here for Archived Calendars (2015 - 2011)

Treasurer's Travel Expenses

Treasurer Loftis is pleased to post this comprehensive accounting of his travel expenses that are paid by the taxpayers. The graph below lists all in-state and out of state travel for the State Treasurer. Anytime Treasurer Loftis stays in a hotel, buys an airline ticket, uses a state car, or incurs any travel expense it is documented and publicly reported.

While not legally required to do so, it is important to the Treasurer that this office publicly accounts for his travel expenses. To our knowledge, no other statewide elected official in America posts his/her work calendar, travel expenses, and ethics filings on a public website.

1. Treasurer Loftis' expenses include mileage, leased vehicle from State Fleet Management which was rarely needed (Treasurer Loftis does not have a permanently assigned state vehicle), meals, lodging and other transportation expenses.
2. The previous State Treasurer reimbursed the office $1,973.00 in expenses in 2010. The total, minus reimbursement is reflected above. The previous State Treasurer's expenses include mileage, permanently assigned leased vehicle from State Fleet Management, meals, lodging and other transportation expenses.
January $297.17 $0.00 $91.20 $443.88 $0.00
February $590.91 $0.00 $0.00 $27.04 $55.00
March $148.20 $120.71 $323.39 $1,458.88 $0.00
April $602.32 $302.20 $183.19 $116.48 $2,162.01
May $340.90 $637.70 $457.43 $504.40 $290.30
June $0.00 $1,108.78 $214.00 $107.12 $286.77
July $0.00 $107.45 $402.84 $0.00 $0.00
August $0.00 $304.70 $199.50 $0.00 $0.00
September $0.00 $1,800.49 $0.00 $188.66 $0.00
October $0.00 $804.63 $288.12 $106.08 $641.06
November $0.00 $103.00 $115.56 $111.28 $0.00
December $0.00 $166.50 $249.71 $0.00 $0.00
Total $1,979.50 $6,049.66 $2,524.94 $3,063.82 $3,435.72

Use of the State Plane

Treasurer Loftis has used the state plane sparingly for travel at certain times throughout his tenure. The Treasurer has only used the plane five times since taking office, and he only uses the plane in special circumstances--such as scheduling conflicts, last minute personnel additions, or the high cost of travel to the state if using commercial airlines. Additionally use of the State Plan often spared the state the burden of costly hotel rooms in New York, Boston, etc.

To search the entire use of the State Plane by agencies and elected officials please click here.

State Plane Usage:

06/22/2012: Treasurer Loftis and five staff members from the State Treasurers Office and RSIC used the state plane to view an early morning risk software presentation in Raleigh, NC with the NC State Treasurer.
The total cost was $1,875.00.

Flight Log Trip Manifest

11/20/2012: Treasurer Loftis attended a legal meeting that was scheduled in Charleston at the last minute.
The total cost was $935.

Flight Log Trip Manifest

02/22/2013: Treasurer Loftis and seven staff members from the State Treasurer's Office and RSIC used the state plane to travel to a meeting in Boston, MA to do due diligence concerning the state's custody contract. The timing of the meeting was such that commercial or discount tickets were either unavailable or more expensive than the State Plane. Also, the cost of the hotel rooms was spared. The total cost was $6,875.00.

Flight Log Trip Manifest

03/14/2013: Treasurer Loftis and six staff members from the State Treasurer's Office, RSIC, and private legal counsel used the state plane to travel to New York, NY concerning an early morning settlement of litigation. The total cost was $5,375.00.

Flight Log Trip Manifest

02/06/2014: Treasurer Loftis and a staff member from the State Treasurer's Office traveled to Charleston, SC for an Unclaimed Property event that was planned before a last minute Budget and Control Board meeting was scheduled. Treasurer Loftis would not have been able to attend the Board Meeting and make it to the event in time without the use of the plane. The trip allowed the State Treasurer's Office Unclaimed Property Program to be featured on the evening news for more than two hours. This public service gave the UPP exposure to thousands of previously unreached citizens. The total cost was $1,105.00.

Flight Log Trip Manifest

Ethics Commission Filings

Treasurer Loftis is also pleased to make his Ethics Commission filings available for easy public view.
Click below to look at the detailed reports.

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