Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Unclaimed Property?

Why does the state have such a law?

How does the state get the property?

How do I prevent my funds from being reported to the State as unclaimed?

How far back do the records go?

I haven't always lived in South Carolina. How do I check to see if I have unclaimed property in another state?

Are there other databases available that I can search for unclaimed property?


Claiming Unclaimed Property

How long do I have to claim the money?

Is there any charge or fee for this program?

How long does it take for me to get my money?

What if the original owner is deceased?

What type of proof is needed to verify a claim?

What if I cannot prove the address listed under original owner on the claim form?

How do I contact the The South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program staff?


Holder Information

What is unclaimed property?

What is a "holder" under the South Carolina Uniform Unclaimed Property Act?

What is a holder's obligation under the South Carolina Uniform Unclaimed Property Act?

Are all amounts reportable?

What are the due diligence requirements?

When are the report and remittance due?

By what methods can the report be filed?

If the holder is located in South Carolina, will the State accept property belonging to owners with last known address in another state?

Can a holder not located in South Carolina include property reportable to South Carolina in a report to another state?

Does South Carolina require a report if there is no property due?

We discovered "past due" property and would like to report it without penalty.
Does your office accept voluntary disclosure agreements?

What can a holder do if an owner requests payment of funds which has already been reported to the The South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program as unclaimed?

How should securities be remitted to South Carolina?

What is the FEIN number for the The South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program?

What attempts are made by the State Treasurer’s Office to find the rightful owners?

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