SC Treasurer Loftis Puts Transparency in Action

Treasurer Loftis takes lead in letting citizens know what government officials are doing on taxpayer time.

(Columbia, SC) – In a bold move of transparency in action, today Treasurer Curtis Loftis announced the addition of his daily calendar to the SC Treasury website ( Citizens will have instant access to the Treasurer’s schedule and know who he is meeting with and what he is doing while on state time.
This major initiative is the first piece of Treasurer Loftis’ ongoing effort to make state government more open and accessible to taxpayers. CLICK HERE to view the calendar page.

“This is transparency and accountability people can clearly see,” Treasurer Loftis said. “People deserve to know what their government officials are doing and I am pleased to fulfill my campaign promise to let citizens see the exact same calendar we use in the Treasurer’s office. The Treasurer’s office is the people’s office and we don’t believe in closed doors here. Whenever I’m on state time, taxpayers will know about it.

The online calendar begins on January 12 and shows an hour by hour accounting of the Treasurer’s schedule even before he was sworn into office. CLICK HERE to see a VIDEO of Treasurer Loftis showing the calendar.
For now, users of can see the current week’s calendar and past weeks as time goes by. The state will be updating software by March which will allow real-time updating of the calendar. This is just the first of many bold initiates Treasurer Loftis is planning, designed to allow South Carolinians greater access to the Treasury department.

As you can see by the calendar, Treasurer Loftis will be available this afternoon for media interviews about the calendar posting and his other plans for creating the most transparent, accountable and efficient Treasurer’s office in the nation.


Contact: Brian DeRoy – Public Affairs Director
(803) 734-2635