Kirk Garrett, Jr.

Account Owner

Kirk Garrett, Jr., account owner.

It’s no surprise Kirk Garrett, Jr. loves the energy of NASCAR. His boundless energy and limitless optimism have propelled him forward in the field of computer technology and in life. Even though Kirk was born with Cerebral Palsy, he has vowed he will never let the condition keep him from achieving his goals - or deprive him of the joys of NASCAR, football, music, and friends.

Kirk has a certificate in web design from Greenville Tech. In June of 2011, he began volunteering for the Laurens County Disabilities & Special Needs Board. Just a month later, he was hired as their Information Technology Coordinator. “Working there has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me. I’ve loved technology ever since second grade when I began using computers to do my schoolwork.” 

Even with his success and his positive attitude, Kirk does face a number of challenges. “I have to work to get people to recognize, accept and learn my specific communication methods,” Kirk said. “I also have to prove myself and my abilities so that people won’t stereotype me.”

The medical costs and assistive technology costs associated with living with Cerebral Palsy present other challenges for Kirk. When State Treasurer Curtis Loftis announced the launch of the Palmetto ABLE Savings Program, Kirk was excited to open an account to help him meet those costs.

“A Palmetto ABLE® account levels the playing field not only for me but for so many others with disabilities. It allows us to plan and save for the future without penalizing the benefit programs we need to assist us,” Kirk said.  

With his ABLE account, Kirk can invest for the future while accessing the funds he needs today. This will allow him to achieve his goal of leading a life filled with hard work, fun, friends, and, of course, NASCAR.

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