Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Charleston County wants to help you cash in on unclaimed money

County wants to help you cash in on unclaimed money


It's as easy as putting your name into a search bar, but county officials want to help you find out if you have unclaimed money on the books.

The Charleston County Treasurer's Office is reaching out to citizens who may be eligible to collect unclaimed funds under South Carolina's Unclaimed Property Program.

Officials say staff will be on hand to provide information and resources to help you search for available funds and the county website will have a direct link to the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property website.

Which, really, you could just get to by clicking here.

It's not just private citizens who have unclaimed funds, either. There are more than 250 entries when the word "Charleston" is entered into the search and some Goose Creek businesses pop up when that city's name is used.

"This money belongs to our citizens and we are excited to help them through the process," said County Treasurer Andrew Smith. "We'll have a point person in our office to help with applying for unclaimed funds, verification documents and any other related questions."

For assistance with the Unclaimed Property Program, call the Charleston County Treasurer's Office at 843-958-4361 or email

County officials said 20 million dollars are returned to the South Carolina State Treasurer's Office through a number of sources including uncashed paychecks, dividend checks, dormant bank accounts, and life insurance settlements.

That money is held until the legal owner is found or comes forward to claim the funds.

According to the State Treasurer's website, there is about $503 million available in unclaimed funds.

"County Treasurer Andrew Smith is displaying initiative to bring millions of dollars back to people and businesses of Charleston County. You could be richer than you think, there is close to $43 million in over 250,000 accounts waiting to be claimed from Charleston County. I want you to discover what is yours and reclaim your property," said Curtis M. Loftis, Jr., South Carolina State Treasurer.

via WCIV's website on April 27, 2016