For Governments

Operating as the state’s bank, we work to provide the most efficient cash, investment and financial management services for all of South Carolina’s agencies, local governments and institutions.


Providing efficient, accurate and timely banking services, we assist state agencies with banking needs, including managing state depository bank accounts, daily cash-management functions and relationships with bank partners, state entities and public depositories.

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Bond and Debt Information

Responsible for overseeing debt on behalf of the State, its agencies, institutions and authorities, we work to protect investments, secure the lowest borrowing rates and fees and ensure timely repayment.

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Court Fines And Fees

Court fines, fees and assessments are remitted to the State Treasurer’s Office on a monthly basis. File your revenue remittance, implement ACH debit payments and see where court fines go.

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Local Government Investment Pool

The Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) is operated by the State Treasurer’s Office, providing more than 300 local and state agencies an opportunity to invest their funds in a safe, liquid environment, while maximizing returns.

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Unclaimed Property Reporting

If your organization is holding unclaimed property for individuals or businesses with a last known address in South Carolina, you must report this property to the State of South Carolina each year.

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Investment Management

Overseeing approximately $38.2 billion in assets under management, we safely and effectively invest funds for the State’s agencies, local governments and political subdivisions with the priorities of preserving capital, maintaining liquidity and obtaining the best relative rates of return.

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Audit Information

South Carolina State law mandates municipalities and counties do annual audits to ensure the proper collection, reporting and distribution of fines and assessments. Submit an annual audit or see which municipalities and counties are delinquent.

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