Electronic Payment Information

Doing business with the State of South Carolina has never been so easy! We make it simple through our provided online banking services.

The State has launched Operation Check Reduction, ending the use of paper checks and allowing vendors to receive funds faster, save money and be more secure.

As part of this ongoing effort, we’re pleased to announce our new automated ACH enrollment process. All vendors are encouraged to sign up to receive electronic payments via ACH (direct deposit). The STO ACH Enrollment Form (Form 4) will no longer be accepted by our office. Please know that not being enrolled in ACH does not affect your status as a vendor or your ability to receive payments from the State; the default payment method for vendors is paper check.

To enroll, follow the steps below. You can also download a PDF copy of the enrollment steps here.

Vendor Sign Up for ACH/Direct Deposit

  • Go to procurement.sc.gov. Under the Doing Business With Us section, click on Vendor Registration and then select Enroll in ACH Payments.

  • Prior to enrolling in ACH, you will need your user ID and password for the Vendor portal. Please note, each vendor is limited to one username and password.

  • If you change your password, please close your browser and open a new browser before navigating back to the Vendor Registration page to login and enroll in ACH payments. If you have trouble logging into the portal or changing your password, please call the SCEIS Help Desk at (803) 896-0001.

  • Once logged in to the Vendor Registration Portal, click on the Sign up for ACH Payments link to begin the ACH enrollment process.

  • Complete the ACH enrollment screens in their entirety and provide the preferred bank account and routing numbers. Each vendor account can be assigned a separate bank account, so be sure to identify which specific bank account should be used for each of your vendor accounts with the State of South Carolina. 

  • You will receive an immediate onscreen notification as to whether your bank account number has been validated. If your account is unable to be verified, it will not affect your status as a vendor or your ability to receive payments by check from the State.  

Post-Enrollment: Receiving Remittance Advice

Once enrollment is complete and you have begun receiving payments via ACH, the following remittance advice data will be available for each transaction:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Amount
  • Customer Reference Number (which will be used as a memo field to describe what the payment is for or the Customer Account Number)

Three options are available for receiving your remittance advice data:

  • Provide an email for remittance advice during the ACH enrollment process (REQUIRED)
  • Access the SC Vendor Payment Search page at applications.sc.gov/STOvendorinquiry/
  • Contact your financial institution

Additional Resources

*Access to the Electronic Vendor Payment Database is provided by the State Treasurer’s Office as a means for vendors (payees) to identify the invoice(s) being paid by a direct deposit. The State Treasurer’s Office uses the Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Automated Clearing House (ACH) format to directly deposit payments into a participating vendor’s bank account. The State Treasurer's Office DOES NOT provide the vendor with notification of a deposit. It is the responsibility of the financial institution to provide remittance information to the vendor. If the financial institution cannot provide this information, it can be located by searching this database. Only the most recent six months of electronic vendor payments are available in this database.

This database can be searched by entering the vendor’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) and the exact amount of the direct deposit on the banking statement received from the financial institution.