Making Money Work for You

The State Treasurer’s Office serves South Carolinians in many ways. Our office acts as the State’s banker, managing, investing and retaining custody of $70 billion in public funds for South Carolina State Government. We safeguard more than $950 million in unclaimed property and work hard to return these lost funds to individuals, estates, businesses and more. Additionally, we administer the state’s tax-advantaged education and disability savings plans to provide opportunities for financial empowerment for individuals and families. Whether you’re a citizen, business or local government, there’s a State Treasurer’s Office resource for you.

For Citizens

The State Treasurer’s Office administers several programs and resources that provide individuals and families across the state an opportunity to save, invest and plan sound financial futures. From 529 plans to Unclaimed Property, there’s something for every one of South Carolina’s citizens.

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For Businesses

Doing business in and with the State of South Carolina has never been so easy – we make it simple by providing a variety of services and informational resources to meet all of your banking and investing needs.

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For Governments

Operating as the state’s bank, we work to provide the most efficient cash, investment and financial management services for all of South Carolina’s agencies, local governments and institutions.

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