Bond and Debt Information

The Debt Management Division of the Office of State Treasurer is responsible for managing the borrowings of the State, its agencies and certain authorities. Generally, these borrowings are to finance authorized construction projects, refinancing of a previous borrowing or for some other authorized purpose.

Borrowing for public purposes is a complex and comprehensive process through which capital and other needs are funded through the creation of long-term debt (or occasionally short-term debt). It is essential that the State, its agencies and certain authorities borrow funds as efficiently and effectively as possible by securing the lowest rates and fees, while ensuring that the investment of the lenders, investors and bondholders is protected and secured.

For information and forms related to Debt Management, including New Debt Information and Debt Filings, please see the Debt Management Forms resource page.

Mini-bonds are general obligation bonds. They are small denomination, tax-free bonds that were sold by the Office of State Treasurer in 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2000. All of the mini-bonds have matured. If you still hold a mini-bond, click here: Mini-Bonds Information (PDF).