County Treasurer Resources

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The Role of a County Treasurer

The county treasurer serves as the county's banker, responsible for the safekeeping and investing of public funds. As the lawful custodian of county funds, this also includes the responsibility of receipt and disbursement of funds.

As a part of receipting, many county treasurers often receipt all current real and personal property taxes. County treasurers also issue receipts, vehicle decals and registrations, which helps facilitate the registration of boats, motors and vehicles with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

County treasurers also distribute county funds, which includes school system taxes and pass throughs from the state. Some county treasurers assist municipalities, special purpose districts and fire departments in the collection of their taxes and fees.


The South Carolina Treasurer’s Office works to ensure our local partners have all the resources necessary to best serve the Palmetto State. Please find below a sample of tools aimed to educate, train and assist county treasurers.



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