Loftis: Saving for college is not as difficult as it may seem

Columbia, SC  - Want to start saving money for your child’s future but not sure where to get started?

Baby Graduation Cap

“A Future Scholar 529 plan is a great way to set money aside for college,” South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis said.

Saving for higher education may seem overwhelming at first, especially when you hear about the rising cost of college tuition, Loftis said. “But the earlier you get started, the more time you have to save,” he added.

Anyone can open or contribute to a 529 plan for someone they love — grandparents, aunts, friends of the family. And with no minimum amount to open an account, getting started is easy.

“It really is the smart, easy way to save for college,” Loftis said.

To read a “how-to” for putting your 529 college savings to work, click here: