Looking for Extra Funds? State Treasurer Curtis Loftis Says Checking MissingMoney.com Is a Safe Bet

“With one in seven people due funds, you have better odds… than winning the lottery!”

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis

South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis

As more people look for extra funds to combat rising prices, South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis advises Americans to visit MissingMoney.com, to see if they have funds due from more than $70 billion in unclaimed property being held by states.

“With one in seven people due funds, you have better odds to find unclaimed property than you do winning the lottery,” Loftis added. “This is a free service offered by the states, and no one will charge a fee or ask for a percentage of any funds found.”

South Carolina participates in MissingMoney.com to help people from all over the U.S. search for lost funds. This free and secure website is endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and allows individuals to search for and claim financial assets that have become inactive and turned over to the states for safekeeping.

Billions of dollars are transferred to states’ Unclaimed Property Programs annually by companies that cannot locate the rightful owners. By law, states act as custodians of those funds until those owners can be located. In South Carolina, there is more than $850 million in unclaimed property available for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Unclaimed property includes uncashed checks, dormant bank accounts, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, insurance proceeds, trust distributions, even stocks and annuities.

Nationally, more than $3 billion was returned in the last year and the average claim was valued at $2,080. 

“People are bombarded daily with texts, emails and social media posts generated by cybercriminals promising financial gain when in fact, they are really trying to steal your identity or personal funds for their own benefit,” Loftis said. “That’s why states have joined together to help citizens locate funds that rightfully belong to them through a secure website and claims process that protects individuals rather than preying on them.”

Visit MissingMoney.com today to see if you have any funds waiting for you.