Nearly $80,000 in Unclaimed Property Returned to Town of Lake View

03 29 17 Lake View Mayor

Columbia, SC - Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Lake View Mayor Pro Tem Matthew Elvington met today to return unclaimed property to the town.

The town of Lake View had $79,582.46 in unclaimed property.

"It's great to see Matthew coming to Columbia to help his town get their money back," said Treasurer Curtis Loftis. "This is a huge claim for the town, and will make a real difference to the people of Lake View."

Treasurer Loftis also gave Elvington information about other individuals in the Lake View area with unclaimed property. Elvington was surprised to find out so many of his citizens have money waiting for them at the State Treasurer’s Office.

"Giving money back to the communities across South Carolina is one of the best parts about this job," added Treasurer Loftis. "It's wonderful to meet someone who's working to help their town, and I hope this inspires other towns across the state to check to see if they have unclaimed property waiting for them."

03 29 17 Talking With Mayor

Millions of dollars are transferred to the Unclaimed Property Program annually by companies that cannot locate the owners. Examples of the types of property covered by the Program include dormant bank accounts, stock certificates, uncashed checks (including paychecks), insurance proceeds and utility deposits.

You can check your name for unclaimed property. Just head to our website,, and click the unclaimed property link to search for your name.