State Treasurer Curtis Loftis thanks WYFF TV for help returning over $2.5 million in Unclaimed Property

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis presents a check for more than $30,000 in unclaimed property to Greenville County Deputy Treasurer Michael Carter.

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis is extending a heartfelt thank you to WYFF News 4 in Greenville for their help in hosting one of the most successful unclaimed property events in the program’s history. Staff from the State Treasurer’s Office manned the phones from 4:00 – 7:00 pm at the station, fielding calls and searching for property for residents of the upstate, that has resulted in $2.5 million in claims.

“Thanks to WYFF’s efforts to promote the phone bank this week prior to our arrival and the inspiring stories we were able to share on-air about how people have benefited from receiving unclaimed property, we had an overwhelming response that is helping us get money back to South Carolinians,” said Treasurer Loftis. “I appreciate all the work Bruce Barkley and his news team did to help us spread the word, and I want to thank my staff for keeping the phones open even after we went off air. It really was a huge success, and I hope we’ll reach $3 million by the end of the day.”

Treasurer Loftis says the most important takeaway is that people who created claims online need to check their email for instructions on any required documentation that may be needed so the office can process their claims for payment.

And for those who missed the phone bank, it’s not too late to see if the State Treasurer’s Office is holding money for you. Visit their website at