STO Divisions: Unclaimed Property Program

Columbia, SC - State Treasurer Curtis Loftis wants the South Carolina taxpayer to know what each division does in the State Treasurer's Office.

Unclaimed Property 022916

First up, the Unclaimed Property Program. The program is responsible for the safekeeping of millions of dollars transferred into the program by companies that cannot locate the owners. Examples of the types of property covered by the Program include dormant bank accounts, stock certificates, uncashed checks (including paychecks), insurance proceeds and utility deposits. The Unclaimed Property Program does not include tangible property like land or vehicles.

The property transferred to the program is held indefinitely until the rightful owners can be located. If we are holding property for you, you always have the right to claim your property any time at no cost. The unclaimed property division maintains all files, processes all claims and receives all monies due to the state’s unclaimed property program.

To search the database for unclaimed property in your name, click here. You can contact the program staff at