Tammie Granger named Future Scholar Financial Literacy Program’s February’s Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Tammie Granger of W.B. Goodwin Elementary in North Charleston. Granger was named the Future Scholar Financial Literacy program’s Teacher of the Month for February.

Granger, who has been teaching for 33 years, teaches technology to students in Child Development through 5th grade.

Tammie Granger

She says teaching students about financial literacy at an early age is important in that it helps young people to make better money choices.

“My hope is that they will learn that saving money now will help them plan for events later in life,” she says. “One example would be planning for their attendance at a college.”

Granger also says that students enjoy working their way through the program and learning from each other.

“The students often have conversations with other students about things they are learning or have learned. They love the completion aspect because they receive grades immediately and earn a certificate of achievement when the course is completed,” she says.

“It also allows me the chance to interact with the students. …I have had several teachers say they need to use the program as well. The program is very user friendly.”

For more information or to learn how you can bring the Future Scholar Financial Literacy program to your classroom, visit http://scfuturescholar.everfi.com.