Treasurer Loftis Demands Road Workers Get Paid, Says Governor Haley Cites Bureacuracy Instead

(Columbia, SC) – At today’s Budget and Control Board meeting, Treasurer Curtis Loftis asked that the Governor put aside bureaucratic red tape so that the Department of Transportation could pay hard working road contractors on schedule.

“We members of the Board have the luxury of air conditioned offices while the men and women building our roads in 105 degree heat don’t have that luxury,” Treasurer Loftis said. “Our road contractors work outside all day, every day, and they deserve to be paid on time and in full.”

After the meeting Treasurer Loftis told reporters that it was “shameful that the credit worthiness of South Carolina was at issue when the state is flush with cash. A simple inter-agency transfer would solve this problem.”

DOT is a cabinet agency of Governor Haley. It is suffering a cash flow problem of $50 million and is delinquent in its payments to many South Carolina contractors. DOT is also behind in its monthly multimillion dollar payments to the State Infrastructure Bank.

After the Governor claimed items on the agenda cannot be altered, Loftis reminded the Governor that he had sent her a letter concerning this issue and that she never responded. CLICK HERE to see the letter. The B&C currently has no rules that govern its meeting.

“The Governor wants this to be about insignificant meeting protocol, I want this to be about paying the hardworking men and women of outh Carolina,” Loftis said. “This is a lost opportunity for the Governor to be transparent about this issue and accountable about her cabinet. These issues should be discussed in public and not behind closed doors.”

CLICK HERE to see a letter from Treasurer Loftis to the DOT Secretary about the shortfall issue.