Treasurer Loftis' statement on transparency measure vetoed

(Columbia, SC) – Today, State Treasurer Curtis M. Loftis, Jr. issued the following statement on a measure which was vetoed by Governor Nikki Haley. The Proviso would have allowed follow-ups on audits by the State Auditor and Legislative Audit Council.

Today Governor Nikki Haley vetoed a strong effort toward accountability and transparency. At issue was whether the state should follow up on audits or just let them go by the wayside. Proviso 76.14 (Treasurer: Audit Finding Followup) originated in the House of representatives and wound its way through the complete legislative process.

I have personally spoken with the Legislative Audit Council, State Auditor and Budget and Control Board and have been informed by all three agencies that they do not have the authority to properly follow-up on audits, as the Governor claims. The proviso would have also compelled collection of overpayments and referred possible illegal activity to the proper state authorities.

During a time of tight budgets and low public confidence in government, we must do all we can to insure taxpayer dollars are properly accounted for.

-Curtis M. Loftis, Jr.
State Treasurer