Upstate High School Student on Field Trip Finds $1300 in Unclaimed Property

FOX Carolina interviewed Justin Kearney and his dad about finding the unclaimed property 

Columbia, SC - A J.L. Mann High School student on a field trip to the State House got an unexpected surprise Wednesday.

Justin Kearney found $1,300 in unclaimed property that belongs to his parents and got to meet Treasurer Curtis Loftis, who oversees the Unclaimed Property Program.

Kearney was shadowing Representative Bruce Banister when he stopped by the Unclaimed Property booth at the State House. He looked up both his parents, and was surprised to find money for both of them. Justin, who is also the Treasurer of the student body at his high school, got to meet the State Treasurer later that day. 

"I'm so happy Representative Banister had Justin check his name for unclaimed property," said Treasurer Loftis. "His parents had no idea they had money waiting for them, and he did a great job starting the claim process to return it to them. It was great getting to talk to Justin about the Unclaimed Property Program and his plans for college."

Justin plans to attend Clemson or Carolina next year and hopes his parents will use the money for his college fund.

Examples of the type of property covered by the Unclaimed Property Program include bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, insurance policies and utility deposits. The Unclaimed Property Program does not include tangible property like land or vehicles.

You can click here to see if the State Treasurer's Office is holding unclaimed property for you or members of your family.

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