Treasurer Loftis Visits Dorchester County

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dorchester County -- South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis visited Dorchester County Tuesday.

The Treasurer talked about the 529 Future Scholar college savings plan, the Unclaimed Property Program and the retirement system.

The Treasurer visited multiple officials from local government.

Treasurer Loftis and the Dorchester County Treasurer                                   Treasurer Loftis with the Dorchester County Treasurer Mary Pearson

 Treasurer Loftis with Mayor Wiley Johnson                                     Treasurer Loftis with Mayor Wiley Johnson of Summerville

Treasurer Loftis with Katie Arrington                                      Treasurer Loftis with Republican Nominee for House District 94 Katie Arrington

 Treasurer Loftis with Dorchester County Probate Judge Mary Blunt                                       Treasurer Loftis with Dorchester County Probate Judge Mary Blunt

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