Treasurer's Office Responsibilities

Treasury Management:

The Treasury Management Division is responsible for all Treasury Accounting activities of the State of SC. This involves the daily accounting for all cash disbursement and depositary activities of the State, the administration of  Aide to Subdivisions, Court Fees and Fines, and the Confiscated Cash programs. 


The Administration Division is responsible for administrative support to the State Treasurer. That includes budget, planning and accounting, human resources management, payroll, procurement, and facilities management.

Debt Management:

The Debt Management Division is responsible for managing the debt for the State, its agencies, institutions and authorities, optimizing the debt structure and ensuring timely repayment of debt when it is due.

College Savings:

The Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan manages the 529 college savings plan sponsored by the State of South Carolina and administered by the Office of State Treasurer, Curtis Loftis. The STO holds the funds in trust and it's the office's obligation to provide public access to an easy, tax-advantaged way to save for the cost of future college expenses. It also continues to monitor The Tuition Prepayment Program, which the General Assembly closed to new entrants in 2008. 

Information Technology:

The Information Technology Division is responsible for the development, implementation, support and security of the agency's systems, applications, data, networks and hardware.

Investment Management:

The Investment Management Division invests and manages state funds and fixed income portion of the state’s retirement portfolios. The division manages all investment programs in accordance with State law as applicable, in an effective manner while preserving capital, maintaining liquidity and obtaining the best return within the appropriate risk parameters.

South Carolina ABLE Savings Program:

The South Carolina ABLE Savings Program ensures individuals with disabilities have access to the same kind of savings tools as the broader population. The “Achieving a Better Life Experience” (ABLE) Act provides tax-advantaged accounts for individuals with disabilities. ABLE accounts allow individuals to save and invest for their future without losing other important benefits.

Unclaimed Property:

Maintains all files, processes all claims and receives all monies due to the state’s unclaimed property program.

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