More than $2M in Unclaimed Property Returned in May

Columbia, SC - In May 2017, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and the Unclaimed Property Program returned more than $2 million in unclaimed property.

UPP Returned FB Version

"It is so important South Carolinians know the Unclaimed Property Program is here to reunite them with their unclaimed money," said Treasurer Curtis Loftis. "Check your name, your mother's name, your brother's name, and the name of your business! You never know what kind of unclaimed property could be waiting for you!"

Examples of the type of property covered by the Unclaimed Property Program include bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, insurance policies and utility deposits. The Unclaimed Property Program does not include tangible property like land or vehicles.

You can click here to see if the State Treasurer's Office is holding unclaimed property for you or members of your family.