Treasurer Loftis Awards Chapin Intermediate School Student

COLUMBIA - South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis was honored to give out awards to the SC Economics Poster Contest Winners. He was thrilled to congratulate Fifth Grade Student Jacob McCutcheon of Chapin Intermediate School with an award for his poster about opportunity cost.

Student Jacob Mccutcheon, Chapin Intermediate Ashley Metts, Treasurer Curtis Loftis

“As State Treasurer, my goal is to help set South Carolina young people on a path to financial security and a successful life,” Loftis said. “I am excited to celebrate the SC Economics poster contest winners and congratulate these students for taking the initiative to master complex economic topics.”

Students in grades K-8 participated in the SC Economics poster contest, and they covered the topics of scarcity, productive resources, opportunity cost, producers and consumers, specialization and trade, and goods and services.

“We are proud to partner with organizations like SC Economics to aid in bringing more financial education to South Carolina students and promoting the importance of college savings to families,” Loftis said.

The Future Scholar 529 Savings Plan, which is administered by the State Treasurer’s Office, sponsors a statewide financial literacy program to bring financial education to South Carolina elementary school students at no cost to schools or taxpayers. Future Scholar is nationally recognized as one of the leading 529 plans in the country and has more than 130,000 accounts and $2.5 Billion in funds invested.

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